Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services…


How Do I Contact You?

Answer: Best way to get in touch with us is via email ([email protected]). You can also call us at  (678) 457-8457.

What are your starting prices for Mandaps and wedding Receptions?
Answer: Starting prices can be misleading without knowing what all is included. We are a full service provider and since we don’t sell anything, we don’t have a catalog with prices. We highly recommend that you call us and we will give you a good idea of what to expect.
I don't live in Atlanta so I can't visit your showroom. How can I view your portfolio?
Answer:  Majority of our clients do not live in Atlanta. We have done weddings as far as Kansas City and we don’t require you to travel to us. Please contact us, we have several tools we can use to give you a virtual tour of our portfolio via a web presentation.
I did not see the Mandap I am looking for in your website portfolio. Do you have anymore?
Answer:  Website portfolio is just a sample of what we have to offer. Please visit our showroom or call/email us with your questions.
What Servcies do you offer?

Answer:  We do mainly decorations for Weddings and related events, but We also decorate birthday parties, baby showers, Anniversaries, Corporate events,.We DO NOT  offer Catering, Photo, Video, DJ, or any other services not related to decoration. This helps us stay focused on what we do best.

How much in Advance do I need to book my date?
Answer:  Our Average booking is 3-6 months out. Most of the big dates do get booked well in advance. It is never too early to start planning for wedding. Please contact us soon so we can get started.